There was a rough patch!

Yes, my counts were low. And they got lower. And in the wee hours of Thursday morning, I woke up with a fever. I called the nurse right away. I knew I had no defenses with which to fight this. They ran blood cultures and started me on antibiotics right away. But it was no fun. I had the chills pretty badly, off and on all day and I felt so horrible and I don’t even have to words to describe it.

I was still allowed to have visitors, though, which surprised me. So it was my choice. I had a bunch on the schedule. I decided to go for it. I figured if I was still feeling bad, they could hold my hand. I was glad I made the choice. Pete and Erin came in the morning. I was excited to see them because I hadn’t seen them in several weeks.  Marie, Paula, Pauline, Kerry and Karen came in the afternoon.  Although I had some chills during both of the visits, I got through the day much better than I would have alone. It really helped to pass the time.  I didn’t get a pic with Erin and Pete but I did get one of the ‘gang of 5’ that filled my room in the afternoon.  At this point, I was pretty bundled up.



Fortunately, the worst was over in a day. Although I still felt a little weak on Friday, my temp stayed in normal  range most of the day. As I write this Saturday morning, I feel great! Other than having no appetite at all, I feel pretty normal. I do not have the nausea that I had last week but I rarely feel hunger and I get full if I eat a few bites. I’m sure that will come back over time. I just want to be able to enjoy food again at some point. I fantasize about chili rellenos. And alcohol? Last thing on my mind. I’m sure that will come back!


Above, some pretty cool stuff from my friends. The cover is for my hepa mask. Now I can wear one with chickens!



In other news, I had a nice visit with my good friend Jan on Wednesday.


And last but not least, a hair update! This is my pillow this morning. I lost some large clumps in the shower yesterday. It’s definitely on the way out. It’s OK. I’m prepared. Or maybe I just think I am! There will surely be more about this in the next few days!


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