My Sky Full of Stars


Yes, it’s that Cold Play song. I kept hearing it before I went into the hospital and I’m happy it’s still on the radio, now that I’m back out driving again.

I think of my friends as stars in my sky. If there is one thing I learned from this transplant experience is that my sky is even more full of stars than I thought it was.

I read pretty much everything I can get my hands on about Amyloidosis and Multiple Myeloma. Even though I like to think I have a mind for science, the truth is I am easily lost when it gets too technical. So I gravitate toward real patient experiences. I was saddened recently when I read that someone had lost friends when they were diagnosed. Some of the people they knew just didn’t know how to react or how to help, and simply stopped communicating.  The scary part was that I read it again someone else. And again. I cried. I couldn’t imagine what that would be like. My friends have been with me every step of the way. In turn, I’ve been able to keep my life somewhat normal.  While I have felt like I’ve been on the receiving end of a lot of kindnesses, I like to think I’ve continued to give back, as well. Because although things have changed, nothing has really changed!

My last post was all about summing up the month I was gone, but I forgot something. Of the 31 days I was gone, nine of them were spent in the apartment in Mountain View.  I was required to have someone with me 24/7  to make sure I took my meds, ate properly and monitored my temperature. I felt it was asking a lot of anyone to take time out from their lives to help. It WAS a lot to ask, but I had no shortage of offers of help. I will be forever grateful to Paula, Erin and Joanne for stepping in to take care of me. I am also fortunate to have had Pauline and Jan, ready to help if needed, and of course to Howard.

I’ll tell you a secret though. I was looking forward to this time. It isn’t often that you get to have one of your friends, or sister, ‘captive’ with you. I had them all to myself. No one was rushing off to get home or to get to work or back to family. And while I know this wasn’t always easy for them, I loved the one on one time that we got to spend together. It was wonderful to have Paula and Erin all to myself during their shifts. And then there is my sister. Joanne and I are very close. We hadn’t seen each other in over a month, due to different illnesses that had conspired to keep us apart. Our time together was worth the wait!

Thank you to all of you, my brightly shining stars. To all of you who helped. To all of you who visited. To all of you who messaged me. To all of you who thought about me or prayed for me.

I live a life underneath a brilliantly colored sky that no fog can ever mask.

Thank you.

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