Just a hug for 2015

I was sitting here tonight, taking a break from a decluttering project that is 17 years in the making, and I realized that maybe I will just write a blog to top off the day.

It’s been a productive day, digging out of lots and lots of stuff, for a reason that I’ll elaborate on in a future blog. Just know, a new adventure appears to be on the horizon.

I’m overdue. I still am going to write about my latest trip to DC, (Yeh, I went AGAIN!) and I have another posting, one of those philosophical ones I write when I have just too much time on my hands, but I am feeling the need to talk about 2015.

Because, I almost can’t believe it.

I had a wish in the beginning. I wished for the two R’s. I wanted to be in remission all year. And I wanted to run all year. I wasn’t so sure it could happen. But it did.

I didn’t spend a single night in the hospital in 2015.

I didn’t get any bad news about my health.

For the first time since I started training with my coach, Andy, in April of 2012, I have gone 12 straight months without taking a break for injury…or worse.

And it’s been amazing.

It was the year of making up for lost time.

In a typical year, I might take one plane trip. My record is 2. I flew 5 times in 2015.

I have usually run one or two marathons, tops, in any calendar year. This last year, I did 4.

It was just so special because I know now how easily it is for things to fall apart. And so grateful when they don’t.

I enjoyed getting back to work. I love what I do. And I love it even more now. I just finished a really busy Christmas season as a pet sitter and even on the longest days, I had a huge sense of satisfaction that I was providing peace of mind to my clients.

It’s a good life.

So, I wanted to start the new year off right.

Last year I posted about how I ran the Brazen race on New Year’s Day because that’s what I do every year, and I was happy that I crossed the finish line with my good buddy, my brother-in-law Randy.

Well, Randy was off on a cruise this year, and I was celebrating my 5 year “friendaversary” with Erin. The first time we ever chatted was while running the Brazen New Year’s Day Half Marathon in 2011.

Pictured below, me in mostly black, Erin in the FMRC shirt, we are crossing the finish together, not because we ran together, and had a leisurely chat along the way, but because we both ran our hearts out, as fast as we could, and ended up at the finish together. (OK, ignore the guy in between us) It was a pretty special moment, and one I will never forget. Both of us ran our fastest time ever on that course, which is not, I can assure you, a 10K for sissies. (Clock is for the Half marathon time, 25 minutes+)


So, welcome 2016!

I’m ready for you! Hopeful for good times ahead. I’m aware that not all times are great, but I feel I have the tools to deal with what life brings on!

Let’s do this!

2 thoughts on “Just a hug for 2015

  1. What a wonderful post, so positive and heartfelt. Thank you for being so inspiring to me. I have learned from 2015 (hardest time of my life) the only way to live is from your heart… And all things are possible! Here’s to 2016 bringing us all our hearts desires!

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