A Bump in the Road

There had to be one coming. Things had been going smoothly, and that’s not at all normal for my life! I’m talking about insurance approval.  Had I been told a month ago, when I submitted the other required documents, that I would need to have the results of a colonoscopy submitted, I would have gotten one. (I should have had one by now, but I haven’t!) Now, we are down to the wire and my insurance has not approved the transplant. As of today, all of my appointments have been cancelled.

The good news is that I am going in for the procedure next Tuesday, thanks to Stanford, who never seems to let me down. (The local guy we called was going to see me in a few weeks or a month) As soon as the results are in, and let’s hope they don’t find anything funky, we can reschedule everything. Although I will not be following the schedule I had planned, it’s going to be OK.

Why would I be upset anyway? Well, there are lots of reasons. I am counting the days here. In spite of my quest to live in the moment, and not “wish my life away”, I want and need to get this done. I am in limbo right now. I feel like my life is on hold until I start this. I want to move through this experience and come out the other side, ready to get on with my life. And it’s not just about getting done. I want to fully experience this process, even with its expected unpleasantries. It is my hope that I can help others through my experience. I have volunteered to share my story with the folks at the myelomabeacon web site. So, I’ve been waiting for it to start.

And now, there is a delay. On the positive side, I had no plans! No races I’m training for (obviously!) and nothing I need to get to in September or October. My main concern is with the people helping me, and their schedules.  But of course, they understand. I was with two of my key players and dearest friends when I got the news. They assured me, we can roll with this. It will all be OK.


A little glitch in my day, yes. I will have at least a few more days to work through before it all begins. I have to say, apart from the drama surrounding this latest wrinkle, it was a great day. Howard and I have worked out an agreement as far as exercise goes…I can do it.  I started it off with a run on the rim trail at the Lafayette Reservoir, with six of my favorite people. We saw the beauty of the newly risen sun as we stopped to take in the view from the hilltop. Later, after getting some work in, four of said favorite people and I headed to Oakland for a yummy vegan lunch. The afternoon was spent visiting with our friends from Texas, Rich and Cynda and their boys. Of course, this is what is really important. Connecting with people. When I remind myself of this, I come back to earth. Next up is “Cousins Weekend.” A chance to spend the weekend with a bunch of my female cousins and all three of my sisters, in Santa Cruz. I am excited! Very excited!

Deep breath. It’s going to be OK.

(Photo credit Pete Beck)

2 thoughts on “A Bump in the Road

  1. You are truly an example for others going through the transplant process as well as for anyone dealing with difficult medical or other issues. And in order to be that example, your road seems to be less of a straight line than a course with curves and bends. But as you adjust your stride for the hills and bumps, you continue to amaze and inspire, showing your inner strength and sharing your soul. You make all of us who are, will be, or have been, fortunate to be a part of your life, however small or large, better for the experience. By sharing your experience this way, you are now able to light the road for those not met, but who travel the road with you and who come after you.

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