A year later…

I didn’t know I would get to where I am today. But I’m really glad I did.  I posted this on fb on July 16th.



It was a year ago today at 1:00 in the afternoon.
I was finally getting my kidney biopsy results.
It was a brilliantly sunny day.
It was the birthday of a good friend.
So I didn’t tell him until the next day.
Because it wasn’t good news.
My life changed in an instant.
It’s now divided up into two segments, the before and the after.
But it’s not about good vs bad, or happy vs sad.
It’s about who I was and who I choose to be now.
Because, although I was terrified at first,
I realized soon after that I was given a gift.
I’ve always felt I had an appreciation for what it is truly important in life,
but now there is a clarity that wasn’t there before.
I’ve embraced living in the moment.
I feel I have a sense of purpose.
I am in love with loving the people in my life and being loved back.
And I’ve found that a steady stream of laughter makes for a joyful life.
Yes, there are moments when I want my old life back.
But I can wish for what was, or I can celebrate what is.
What is, is a pretty wonderful thing.
I’ve never been one to pass up a good party.

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