The Train is Back on the Track

Just a quick post to let you know that all is well in the Land of Transplants. I was very excited to receive a revised schedule of “coming attractions” last night during dinner.  As I predicted, we are one week off from the previous schedule.

I will have an appointment with Dr Arai on Wednesday and I will have my central line put in on Thursday the 31st.  On that day, I begin the shots to increase my stem cells. Erin and I have a fun day planned for the 4th, when I will be having my cells harvested, for about four hours, while I am hooked up to a machine. (No, really. It will be fun. I can’t help but smile when I am with Erin.). I don’t know how many days it will take to complete the harvest. They say it is one to five days. I am thinking I can do it in two.

My date to check into Stanford is the 15th. I hope the nurses are ready for me. I’m not sure they know who they are dealing with, here. And that’s all I’m gonna say.

Since I had the colonoscopy on Tuesday, we have had a few e mails with Paige, the nurse coordinator who works with my doctor. I have to say, we might have gotten a little “pushy”. I mean, Kimmie’s life is on hold and she wants her transplant, OK? So, I sent an e mail apologizing to her for being a pain in the ass. I am quite relieved to say she e mailed back, saying that in no way did I win the “most difficult patient award”. I’m glad. Because I’m going to tell you, that when this whole ridiculousness (the disease thing) started, I made a decision. I decided I would try to be the nicest patient in the doctor’s office/hospital/lab they had all day. And it has served me well. I am running the risk of being really sappy and goody-two-shoes here, but this is true. I have had some fun times at my appointments. I have made some good friends. This whole process has just not been that bad. Because I decided it wouldn’t be!

So there you have it! Smile! Try to have fun out there! Life just ain’t that bad! And I am getting my transplant!   YAAAAAAYYYYYY!

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