I’m doing nothing and it’s taking me all day to do it!

I have started this post several times, but I keep getting interrupted in mostly happy ways!  I am now in the hospital. I am so thankful for the many options we have to communicate. I’ve been busy on Facebook, with texts, the chicken cam, face time, and even, oddly enough, phone calls! And when I’m not doing that, I’m getting my vitals taken.

I have not written in over a week. There was a long gap there with not a lot going on. I did try to keep busy by going to spin, and running on the rim trail. I spent most of this time trying to get the business ready for my absence. I am happy to say I was able to get in Movie #3 for the year!  I had a fun evening with Paula and Anne. We saw ‘The Hundred Foot Journey” and I loved it. It was a beautiful movie. A feast for the eyes. I am fascinated by all things French and the setting was lovely.  Add in a little spoken French, sensual food, and actors with beautiful eyes, and I found it quite filling.

Meanwhile, back in the States….. Yesterday, we waited all day to find out when I was supposed to come in. It did give me a bit more time with the family. But before I knew it, my adventure became real and I had to say goodbye. The kids will be able to visit me, but it was with the pets that I shed a few tears.


I finally got here at 9:30 and as I write this, I have been here just about 24 hours. I was originally scheduled for chemo but it was so late, they decided to do it today instead. I got my infusion this morning. It took about 20 minutes. I am feeling fine. I do not expect the side effects to kick in yet, but I’m ready for them. I will have the second dose tomorrow. In the meantime,  I am enjoying my stay. The nurses are wonderful! I am quite pleased with the food. That might not be saying much. My standards are low. I love hospital food and airplane food. But this is pretty good. I have a menu and I can order from it like room service. I call it in and it shows up within 45 minutes.

And as far as my pets…the chicken cam is a success!Below is a screen shot I took of some of the girls. I can hear the clucking, and I love it!


This afternoon, I did do some laps around the unit. I had time only for 12, before I had to get back to the room. It was a bit tedious with an IV pole and a somewhat heavy heart monitor, for which I had no pocket. But a slightly-tired-from-exercise Kimmie is a happier Kimmie, so I did what I could do.


When I leave the room, I have to wear a special mask. It looks somewhat like a gas mask from some war, but the filters are covered in pink, which offsets that look a bit. Paula would like it. (But I don’t want my Paula to need one, ever.)

And if you really want to know what this is like…..several times over the last year I have to do 24 hour urine tests. Yep, you have to collect it in a jug for a whole day and turn it in to the lab. (You get used to it!) Well, this is like the 408 hour urine test. They aren’t checking it for protein but they are measuring every drop for my entire stay! And with all the fluids I’m on, I’ve set a new PR for output today!  TMI? Hey, you knew there would be medical stuff on here, right? I’ll try to be gentle but we can’t have any fun without some gory details, you silly goose.

So, if you’re still with me, buckle your seat belts. We are flying now. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

4 thoughts on “I’m doing nothing and it’s taking me all day to do it!

  1. For my first-ever blog to follow, I sure picked a doozy! I totally GET every word you write, I feel it, I understand it, I appreciate it — and you — and you are giving me A LOT by letting me in on your journey. When you are describing your experiences, TMI doesn’t even factor into it — I’m sure I am not very different than your other readers and I am thoroughly enjoying everything you write. Because of your attitude I do not spend my time thinking of you and being sad … NO! When I think of you, and I do a lot, I am actually filled with everything positive. Thanks to you I have been able to maintain that positivity (jeez, is that a word? I hope so!) throughout your journey the whole last year. You are loved and cherished, my sister-in-law-in-law (yea, I’ll just add another “in law” and call it good!). Keep walking laps, and for gosh sakes, KEEP WRITING! (I will now close this “book” of a reply!) Love, Nan

    • Hi Nan! Yes, positivity is a word! I am glad you think happy thoughts when you think of me. I think one reason I am writing this is so that everyone knows I’m OK. If it a different experience for sure. I did not know my life would take this path. But that doesn’t mean it’s a negative thing..not completely anyway. I believe when you open your heart to the joy, you can find it!

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