This is when the &$)@@&) gets real!

So, I haven’t checked in in a while. I was hoping to update this blog every day I was in the hospital but I think that was setting the bar a bit too high. I’m just going to do what I can. Because apparently if you throw enough chemo at someone and start the process of killing off most of the cells in their bloodstream, they don’t feel so good.

I can walk around. I get up. I just have no desire at all to eat anything. My room service menu is getting very lonely as I have not looked at it in several days. Tonight we are going to try Ambien to see if I can sleep with that. It is sort of like having a really bad flu. After you’ve been run over by a truck. 🙂 Oh, but I’m being overly dramatic. I knew these days were coming and it is pretty much what I expected.  I’m just wondering if I will be able to pull off a couple of Facebook posts I have planned. On second thought, of course I will, there is no question in my mind! I did not bring all these props for nothing!

So how did the last few days go? After some more chemo on Sunday, had a great visit with Paula and Mike We got in 32 laps around the unit. On Monday, Marie came by and we got an accurate measurement of the ‘course’. It does seem to work out to 22 laps being a mile, so we were satisfied. On Tuesday morning, I got the actual transplant of my cells. Howard was here and several people were in the room. I don’t remember much. I went to sleep. Later Anne stopped by and was here when the nurses brought in birthday cake. August 19th will be my new birthday…well, I get two of them each year now! Since then, I haven’t been doing very much, so if you’re looking for an entertaining blog, this may not be your location of choice! Not that I give up easily. I promise you, I will always try.

Below, a little fun we had…yep when the nurses are away the patients will play!

I’ll write again soon. I’ll be here. I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.


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