I Can’t Decide Where I Want to Stay

It is amazing how busy one can be doing not very much at all! I think it’s time for an update. And another chick pic. Why did the chicken cross the hall? Details to follow.


On Monday, it was quiet until the afternoon, when I was told my central line needed to removed. I would also be changing rooms.  My days of the private room were over, but on the bright side, I would be getting released on Wednesday. The line was taken out with a local, which was wasn’t bad, and they started an IV in my arm which would be there until a “PICC’ line could be installed. (Similar to a central line) There was concern there could be bacteria that had attached itself to the central line.  And Moving? I had so much stuff in that room,  including chickens and cats in all sorts of places, that I was anxious when they told me about the transfer.  But they had a ‘moving committee’ that came in and packed it all up in about 10 minutes!  Apparently they do this all the time. And that is why the chicken crossed the hall!


My sister Marilyn came for a visit during all the craziness on Monday.

I was released on Wednesday. It was kind of exciting to get to the apartment where I would be a staying in Mountain View. And to smell the fresh air! Which I couldn’t really smell because of my mask, but it’s the thought that counts!


Paula was my first designated care giver. We had a good time together, and she took great care of me.

As I was finishing the last 3 episodes of Breaking Bad that I had, Paula was intrigued by it too. So we started over, and I saw the first 10 episodes again! It’s the kind of show you want to share with someone and this gave me a buddy with whom to discuss it.


Unfortunately, I started having pain in my right calf on Wednesday. It persisted and I could barely control it with Tylenol. On top of that, a few days later, I had a case of Saturday Night Fever! It persisted enough that the BMT nurse told me to go to the ER. She thought the odds of me being admitted were low, but they decided to keep me for 24 hour observation. When they found a blood clot in my right leg on the ultrasound they did, that meant a couple of more days! It is Monday morning. I am still here.

i could be in worse places. It’s nice to see my favorite nurses again, but I was hoping to see them in another setting, like the BMT reunion next year. It is not at all unusual for patients to come back and that is one reason for staying in the ‘safe zone’. The clot should not be too serious, as it is below the knee, and my temp has been normal for the last 24 hours. Hoping to get back to Apartment Sweet Apartment very soon!  We shall see!

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