4 Days out, and Fingers Crossed!

I’m not being a very good blogger. I had had high hopes for myself. I was going to update all the time, because let’s face it, I have had plenty of time. But I haven’t even posted that I’ve been back at the apartment since Tuesday. It’s now Saturday. I am hoping that was the last hospital stay for a very very long time!

Erin was my designated care giver on Tuesday when I got ‘sprung’. Her shift would have begun Sunday night, but I was tied up at Stanford, so we did not get to spend as much time together as we had planned. Still, we had a good time for the short time we were together.  Wednesday, we enjoyed a walk around the complex, which was about all I could manage that day. Erin is a great person to have by my side, whether running a 20 miler, or struggling to take a walk after the transplant!


On Wednesday evening, my sister Joanne took over. This was big! Joanne had left on a cruise before I had gone in for the transplant and had come home sick with a cold and shingles. Then her husband Randy got chicken pox! Since I can’t be exposed to any of this, I felt like I would never see them again! And Joanne wasn’t too happy about it either. But at last, we were in the clear.



Joanne had to take me to two appointments on Thursday. First was an ultrasound at 9:15, then we went back to the apartment for a while. We arrived for the 1:30, in the ITA, expecting to be put into one of the regular rooms, but were escorted to our own little private suite with an adjoining bathroom. At first we thought I was being protected from everyone else, but no, the room was to protect the other patients from me! I was now the town pariah! It turns out that a UTI I had been diagnosed with in the hospital was an unusual one and resistant to most antibiotics. But on the plus side, I was informed that should I need to be hospitalized in the next six months, I would be guaranteed my own private room. Although I am going to try very hard to stay out of the hospital from now on, I have to say I was quite pleased about that.

On Friday, we had absolutely nothing on the agenda. We got in two walks, which was good for me, as I am working on getting my strength back. We kept ourselves busy with several activities. What would two grown women do in an apartment all day? How about watching the movie Frozen, making chocolate chip cookies, and taking a trip to the park? It worked for us!







3 thoughts on “4 Days out, and Fingers Crossed!

  1. Kim! I’m just testing this out, since I have been confused about how to respond (just hit reply? go to the bottom and write a comment??) and have shown my confusion by simply NOT COMMENTING AT ALL! Boo hiss!!!!!!! I have wanted to comment on EACH of your blog posts, since I have thoroughly enjoyed EACH ONE and certainly wanted you to KNOW THAT! but … here I am finally facing my confusion and testing out the “just hit reply” philosophy!

    I hope you get this, number one, and number two how cool you have been spending time with joanne (and bill and his wife, too?! holy cow!). you look great!

    I have also been kind of holding out to see if there is a chance I can arrange coming over to see randy and joanne WHEN YOU ARE BACK HOME, so that MAYBE you (and howard and the kids who are home) could come for a late birthday dinner. we had to cancel our trip due to randy’s chicken pox and have yet to reschedule. do you have even a small hint as to when you would be released? I don’t even know if you would want to do the dinner at randy’s thing or not and I know it would be totally dependent on how you feel at the time. but I wanted you to know that’s what I have it in my mind to be a part of :).

    “just hit reply” commenting test OVER! love, nan, your sister-in-law-in-law

    • Hey Nan! It worked. Your comment was posted. Yay!
      I am home as of last night. Am preparing to post about it very soon! I am very happy!
      I am up for a trip to J and R’s house anytime! I can’t wait to help give Randy a proper birthday celebration!

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